Monday, June 20, 2011

Going from Short to Long Hair - How to get through the Awkward Phase!


Hi Happy Homemakers!

I thought it would be fun to see the changes in my hair over the past 2 1/2 years.  Back in Jan 2009 I got this short hair cut.  I was working 40-50 hours a week and needed something easy...but around that time I also started to read about some biblical principles about women's clothing choices, femininity, and about how to be a more loving and respectful wife, God's way.  I was doing this because around this time we were having some problems in our marriage.  I started reading Fascinating Womanhood and also searched online for information on how I could change to improve our marriage.  Trying to change Jeff was not working (LOL).  

First...I incorporated some of what I learned in FW.  I really like her biblical views on family.  Husband as the head, wife as the helper to her husband.  She clearly defines the roles of husband and wife in marriage that have become so Blurred in our society. I began as she suggested by first apologizing for trying to dominate the home, finances, and overall not respecting him as I should.  I had to do this many many times, and actually I still have to apologize sometimes, but I am more quick to identify when I am being disrespectful and apologize than I was a few years ago.  The book is very good in my opinion, and you can also take an online course that is very helpful as well. 

As Helen Andelin suggests, I had many discussions with my husband about the kind of wife I wanted to be for him and for God.  First I wanted to reduce my hours at work to be able to spend more time at home caring for him, the kids, our home, and also have more time to serve God and our church community.  I prayed a lot for God to show me way's that I could be home more.  In June of 2010 God answered my prayer.  I went to 30 hours a week from 40-50.  This made a tremendous change in my energy level, mood, and anxiety.

Secondly, I wanted to grow my hair out and not because I have anything against short hair.  I actually love short hair and think it can look very feminine.  For me, I just know that my husband likes it longer, so to respect him, I decided to grow it out.  I bought a product called HairFormula 37 off of, they seemed to have the best price.

This shampoo and conditioner worked very well and I also went online and learned about hair care in general...Listed below are some quick tips for how to grow your hair out while keeping it healthy, shinny, and strong.  Along with some tips on getting it through that awkward phase.  

1.  If you can't afford this product just use a very gentle shampoo and conditioner and only wash your hair every other day.  This is hard to get use too but it works!

2.  Once you get it a bit longer use the "old fashioned" roller set.  I didn't use a hair dryer or curling iron on my hair for several months. 

3.  It has started to pay off.  My hair is much longer in the Spring of 2010.  

4.  It was in that awkward phase...but I was able to pull it up for the hot summer which I actually like better than having to style a short hair cut. 

5.  I continue to color my hair about every 6 weeks but use a lot of conditioner.  I only shampoo about every 2-3 days which has cut down on the amount of abuse caused by the hair dryer and curling iron.

6.  Here we are....June 2011.  My hair is not as long as I would have thought after 2 years.  But for me, this is the longest it has been in years.  Also, it is healthy!  I have had it cut a few times to even out the layers and sometimes get rid of the damaged ends....but from now on I cut my own hair.  If  you don't feel comfortable cutting your own hair make sure you have someone you trust.  It has been my experience that some hair dressers will take off more than you want them to.

How I got this look....I washed my hair the night before.  Let it air dry over night....Then used the curling iron to get these wavy lasted 2 days!

I am easily able to twist this up into a clip or cute pony tail.  

I am so excited that I have been able to get my hair this "long" and still maintain the healthy shine I love!

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to grow your hair out through the awkward phase.  Purchase sponge rollers or the Velcro kind.  Hair clips, butterfly clips, bobby pins, etc...anything that will help you to put it up in a french twist or pony tail for when you are being active or when it is hot outside.

You will be amazed at how long your hair will be come Fall!

Growing my hair out is just one way I am honoring my husband.  Another conviction has been to wear more modest clothing, skirts and dresses mostly.  This was easy for me because I have always been a skirt and dress lover, however, over the past few years I almost only wear a skirt's or dresses.  But I don't think you have to do this to be feminine or a Godly women.  For me, it has helped me to act in a more feminine manner and it helps to remind me of my role in our home.

I purchase most everything from eBay.

I also became a big fan of the Apron.

No matter if you work inside the home full-time or outside the home full-time, there are always little things that you can do to look and feel more feminine.  For me growing my hair out was one of them.  What will it be for you?  



  1. I just started reading that book again last night and I am going to be writing a lot of posts on what I am learning. it is so easy to forget! I love to remind women about pleasing our husbands because we arecalled to do that.

  2. From one Jenny to another I can understand the frutration of growing out hair. Most of my life has been lived in pixie cuts or bobs, but I am really trying to grow it out. My husband would love to see it long.
    Also like you, I've started to wear more dresses and skirts, but as a nursing mother, it's sometimes hard to find dresses that work. But I will keep looking!
    - Jenny

  3. Hi Jenny - good for you! Short hair can be super feminine...but try what I did you may find it works for you. Don't wash it so often, use sponge rollers, no heat or products for at least 6 months...and that Formula37 really helped!
    Use pony tail holders and clips for those days you just can't deal...if you look back to the 18th century all woman had long hair, why, because they never cut it. So you can have long hair you just need to be patient. (wink)
    Also, go to for your modest, feminine dress ideas for nursing mothers...this woman is amazing!!


  4. Popping over from the Best of 2011 blog hop at A Pause on the Path. Totally love this post!!!!

  5. hi Doll, Thanks....just saw your comment. Will be popping over right now darling.