Monday, January 31, 2011

Building a Modest Wardrobe for Winter!

Hi Modest Dolls,

I am been searching and searching for ideas on how to dress feminine and modest all year round but the winter is the biggest challenge...Over the 1.5 years I have been building my Modest Wardrobe and I have included a few amazing 1950's style dresses, long skirts, pretty tops, cardigan sweaters....but recently found these items on ebay for  a steal!  What I mean by that is no more than 10 dollars for a dress including shipping!

Long Brown Dress - I am going to gather this at the waist with a wide black belt - also - wearing leggins underneath is the trick to staying warm...Also, I wear a slip.  Doesn't sound like much, but I am actually warmer in dresses and skirts when I layer like this than in pants.

Sweet Black Floral Long Dress - For Winter, I will wear my black cardigan with this dress with leggins underneath...this will be good all year round!

I love love love this top!  A pull over in a sweet blue pattern...reminds me of my mothers Danish china!  This will be cute all year round as well with a long jeans skirt.

This long black shirt dress has white specks through out...button up dresses are flattering on most figures!

I would love to hear about how you stay Warm and Feminine over the winter if you have a minute to share!



  1. I love the one you're wearing in that picture! It's suits you perfectly!

  2. Jenny May,

    I love the dresses you bought. They are simply wonderful!

    I'm still trying to figure-out how to be feminine, yet warm in the winter. My collection of true feminine attire is quite "slim" at the moment, and since the budget it tight, I do my best with my current limitations.

    -Lady Rose

  3. Winter is a challenge for me, I generally wear slacks, classic button down shirts, cardis with pearls. I'm not a leggings girl. I think jewelry can make you look more feminine. I never wear T-shirts adn jeans unless I'm rooting on my son's team.

  4. Hey Girls...thanks for the comments! I will post a pic of the long back's cold here in Illinois and I am bracing for the storm...but have on thick tights, the black long dress, a slip and boots....the dress, which is a heavy material and cost only 5.99 is really comfy and warm...Can you believe it! American Girl - I love to dress up outfits with jewelry - great idea!

  5. I love that your doing this all second hand and incredibly cheap, and sharing with us! I do the same kind of posts but with modest maternity :)