Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Soft Place to Fall

I have been through quite a transformation over the past few years. It's almost too impossible to even explain all the events so lets just say this. 

The range of emotions has been extreme....from anger, rage, pity, depression, disappointment and feelings of failure, to gratitude, and success, feeling on top of the world because I had finally achieved what I had always wanted....But then....

Then, the fall. It happened so quickly, yet looking back it was a slow process.  I was given and achieved so much, only to have it taken away. People I trusted turned on me, my mind and body gave way to chronic pain and fatigue. It all came to a screeching and heart wrenching halt. 

...this one thing remained. 

My love for my God, my husband and family, and for my role as the homemaker. 

So when my big plans began to crumble I could always come back to what was truly important and that is my role in my home and in my community.  

It is for this reason that I have recommitted myself to my happy homemaker blog and postings in order to encourage all women to embrace their inner happy homemaker (married or single - you are a homemaker) and learn all there is possible to make sure this role you are honored to possess becomes your soft place to fall as it did for me when the world became too harsh and unforgiving.

I fell back on the joy of homemaking, mentoring younger women, and reconnecting to my true self and I found myself again.  

That is why I am Super EXCITED to help promote the 

2016 Homemaking Ministries Conference.  

It is doubly satisfying that the topics on are finding balance since the whole reason for this blog I have been writing since 2009 was to find balance for myself as I raised 5 children and worked 30 hours a week outside the home. 

So read below to find out how you can join and get all the bonuses, information, downloads, etc. to encourage you to embrace your inner happy homemaker and finally end the struggle of feeling guilty because you can't seem to get it all done.  

The 3rd annual Homemaking Ministries Online Conference
kicks off next week and when you purchase a premium ticket by October 20th, you will also get access to an incredible audio series bonus.

It’s a fantastic 7 part audio series that covers:
  • Avoiding burn out and letting go of GUILT when we do invest a little in ourselves
  • Making time for what you love (in 15 minutes a day)
  • Taking care of yourself – exercise and eating well
  • Investing in your Spiritual Life
  • Giving yourself GRACE…especially when life falls apart
  • Wrapping it all together for God’s Glory! 

This audio series will normally sell for $25, but when you purchase a premium ticket by Thursday, you get it as a FREE bonus in addition to a ticket to this incredible conference. But don’t wait! This free bonus is good for only a few days…

Come on over and check out all the amazing sessions, speakers, and bonuses you get with this year’s conference and I hope to connect with you further this week in the private Facebook group for all attendees!

Jenny May


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