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Fascinating Womanhood Wardrobe - Modest Wardrobe Essentials

Dear Friend,

I am writing this to you today as one woman to another. I do not mean to judge or criticize, but just inform you on how to dress modest, comfortable, and stylish in the 21st century.  

This is a special note to those women following, learning, and living by the principles of Fascinating Womanhood.  If you would like to learn more about the 14-week Fascinating Womanhood – 101 webinar click here.

Below is a simple guide to modest wardrobe essentials that I have found useful over the past several years. 

1. 2-4 Comfortable "house dresses" (outfits you can clean and cook in). These are cute, comfortable, outfits that can be worn while cooking, cleaning, etc...but won’t get you put on the Don’t list.  I’m tired of seeing woman covered in manly sweatpants and jogging suits!  It’s not hard, nor is it expensive to look cute and work around your home.  Here are some examples.  Plus, you will feel better about yourself and not worried about who you will run in to if you have to pick up your kids to stop in at the grocery store!

2. Modest outfits for Work – it’s the 21st Century many happy homemakers work outside the home.  I was one of them!  I found it useful to have the following to stay stylish, comfortable, professional, and modest in my job outside the home.

 A. 2-4 Pairs of dress pants & mid-length or long skirts in various colors. (Navy, Black, Grey, and Cream) - Make sure they fit, buy a size up and cut the tag out.  It is better to be a little lose than too tight. 

B. 5-10 Stylish tops ranging in color and fabric that was comfortable and easy to clean, and in colors that complimented my skin tone and eye color.  We are all different so I can’t tell you what to purchase, just get your husband or a friends opinion.  I liked to have several colored button down shirts, several flowing feminine tops – solid or floral, several white tops (wear with a camisole underneath please), a classic white button down shirt and at least one super fun trendy top.

C. Comfortable shoes, 1-2 inch heel, black, brown, nude or tan. Pointy or round toe, but do NOT have toe cleavage…that is too sexy and immodest, especially for the work environment.

D. Appropriate undergarments!  Be comfortable and buy a couple of good fitting bras, you will be SO happy that you did.  Also make sure that your foundation garments also double to conceal, support, and shape your beautiful womanly figure.

E. A classic sheath dress in dark color. (Black, Navy, Dark Brown, Dark Pink, Dark Grey)  This is a staple and can be paired with …
        A. Sweater set
        B. Suit jacket, or other cute sport jacket or jean jacket or other.
        c. Classic button down shirt

F. A couple fun dresses in a style, shape, fabric, or pattern that is flattering to you.  

3. Modest night wear - It's okay to wear comfortable clothing to sleep in, however, your husband will appreciate a cute night gown once in awhile.  I like to have at least 4-6 so I can rotate often.  You can find reasonably priced, nice sleep wear at JCP.  

  Striped Dresses, comes in black or ivory

 You can be cute, comfortable, stylish, and modest in the 21st century - no matter what your age.  I LOVE that the maxi skirts and dresses are back in style.  You can wear them with so many different things and they can be worn year round.

 Other Staples

·       1-2 maxi- skirts or dresses
·       2 jean jackets (white and blue or black)
·       Several scarfs
·       Cardigan sweater or wrap
·       Nice fitting jeans for colder days outside, trips to the park or pumpkin patch, etc.

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